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Welcome to Java API for FireWire (IEEE1394 aka i.Link) at!

Project available thanks to[donate here].


The project aims to develop a Java API for controling 1394 Digital Cameras (based on libdc1394: for Linux and on CMU 1394 DC control drivers by Iwan Ulrich for Windows).


The library provides several interfaces to select cameras from the IEEE 1394 port and acquire images. The API is currently still subject to refactoring and evaluation (see. JLibDC1394 Evaluation)

Eclispe RCP Plugin

net.sf.jlibdc1394 is an Eclipse RCP Plugin on top of jlibdc1394. It lets the users manage and persist a set of named camera configurations. Besides it comes with a "CameraView" that can display several camera streams for different camera configurations simultaneously.


This is a library that integrates jlibdc1394 in the Java Media Framework. It provides a JMF Capture Device based on the jlibdc1394 API and lets you use the functions of JMF with your FireWire camera.


You know java and you want to get involved in the project? You have knowledge of linux and you need to get your drivers for the camera to work? Contact us or send a message to Linux admin or to Win32 admin and get your developer status.

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