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GIT repos the main repos
posted by: Peter Antoniac | on 2009-08-24

I ported all our code to the GIT and made the CVS obsolete.

New site online
posted by: Peter Antoniac | on 2005-04-07

Today, we have a new site online for the project

Merge with J1394Cam completed
posted by: Alexander Bieber | on 2005-04-04

API nearly finished. New webpage functionality and content shold come soon.

New structure building for the merged packages
posted by: Peter Antoniac | on 2005-02-06

More details later...

Merging started between jlibdc1394 (Posix) and j1394cam (32bit Windows)
posted by: Peter Antoniac and Alexander Bieber on 2004-12-11

The project admins agreed about the conditions and set the plan for the merging.

New webpage design installed
posted by: Peter Antoniac | on 2004-04-28

Soon, more development to come.

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